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We have two email addresses.  We download our "" email on the boat over our Ham/SSB radio, and we do that on a daily basis.  We need to go to an internet cafe to download our "" email, and if we're in remote locations, we sometimes won't get those messages for weeks.   

To avoid being spammed, we can't explicitly state our email addresses on this website.  That said, if you put KG6NNZ (which is Jan's Ham license number) and the @ sign in front of, you have our Ham/SSB  email address.  If you put either Jan or Rich or even JanRich and the @ sign in front of, you have the other address. 

Please use "winlink" for regular contact with us, but keep in mind that those emails are transmitted at speeds even slower than dial-up.  Also: 

  • emails to winlink are limited in size to about two pages of text. 

  • The occasional short and sweet joke or other anecdote is fine, but please don't forward messages with long distribution lists embedded in the body of the email.  

  • Messages to winlink are best in TEXT format.  Winlink will convert html messages to text, but formatting is generally lost. 

  • Photos or other attachments need to go to our address. 

One final note:  Because we started receiving spam on our winlink email, it became necessary for us to use a "white list" or "acceptance list."  If we have sent you an email from winlink in the past year, you are automatically registered on our "white list, " and we can send emails to you and receive emails from you with no problem.  If we have not sent or received any emails from you in the past year, winlink will reject your emails to us.  Then, the best course of action is to email us at ""  If we don't know you, please put something in the subject line that will give us a clue as to who you are or why you are writing because we get a lot of spam there, too, and we delete anything that doesn't look familiar to us.  Thanks!!

Snail Mail

We have a mailbox and usually have our mail forwarded to us every 2-3 months.   

Our mailing address is: 

    Jan Schwab & Rich Crowell
    411 Walnut Street, #2140
    Green Cove Springs, FL  32043-3443