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Boat Refitting in Ensenada, Mexico - April 2003 to June 2004

Our planned "few" months in Ensenada extended to fourteen, but we did a lot of work, and Slip Away shows the fruits of our labor.  

Projects Completed:

  • Built storage boxes under stateroom seats. 
  • Removed washer/dryer combo (because it consumed too much water and electricity) and built a new tool closet in its place. 
  • Installed new refrigeration and freezer system.  Tore out old installation because insulation was wet and system broke down.  Rebuilt boxes, insulated with moisture barrier and installed new 12 volt compressors. 
  • Replaced dry-rotted wood battery box with starboard (plastic) for starter batteries.
  • Installed new Formica galley and vanity countertops. 
  • Replaced plumbing in galley and vanity sinks and other areas as needed.
  • Replaced vinyl headliner with Formica panels and oak trim.  Insulated overhead and sides to keep the boat cooler in the tropics. 
  • Repainted stateroom head.
  • Replaced leaking stainless water tank (200 gallon capacity) with new plastic one (125 gallon capacity).  Reduced tank capacity because we have a watermaker (installed in Marina del Rey).  Created storage area for scuba equipment from leftover space. 
  • Rebuilt settee frame to more easily access storage areas behind cushions.  New settee cushions for new frame.
  • Painted cabintop and back decks.  Removed, sanded, rebedded and refinished teak trim and handrails.  Rebedded all hardware.  (The old bedding compound was as old as the boat [26 years], so most of it was leaking.)
  • Replaced all windows.
  • Hauled out for insurance survey, dripless shaft seal, new propeller, "Y" valves to discharge heads overboard, removal of unused thru-hulls and additional bottom paint.

Here are some photos -

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Pablo building storage boxes under stateroom seats.

Rich in the engine room

Rich in space left after tearing out old refrigeration

Building freezer box.

Freezer insulation.

Refrigerator insulation

Ramon & Pablo fiberglassing the refrigerator

New coldplate installed in new box.

Wiring for refrigeration compressors.

New compressors in v-berth.

Stateroom vanity under construction.

Stateroom vanity with new Formica countertop.

New plumbing under stateroom vanity.

Rich working on new galley countertop.

Stateroom overhead after removal of vinyl headliner.

Insulation in salon overhead.

Jan sanding oak trim pieces for new ceiling.

Finished new salon ceiling.

Finished new stateroom ceiling.

Rich's flexibility helps him when he needs three or four hands.

Removing washer/dryer.

New tool cabinet in place of washer/dryer.

Old dry-rotted battery box.

New starboard (plastic) battery box.

Fiberglass work on cockpit bulkhead to fit new instruments, which are shaped different than the old ones.

Fiberglass work complete, and new instruments installed.

Removing old water tank.

Old rusty water tank.

Gaping hole in salon floor left by water tank removal.

Rich painting water tank space.

New water tank coming on board.

New water tank in place.

New plumbing for new water tank.

New settee frame.

Settee frame varnished and painted by Rich and Jan.

New cushions made by Alejandro (left) and son.

Old windows gone.

Fitting new windows.

Back deck prepped for painting.

Rich painting back deck.

Newly painted back deck.

Bedding handrail on back deck.

Bedding compressor box on back deck.

Jan varnishing teak on cabintop.

Finished teak on cabintop and caprail.

On our way to the haul-out.

Backing into haul-out space.

Rich at the helm.

Moving haul-out slings into place.

Slip Away in slings.

Pressure washing boat bottom.

Boat talk between the boys

Slip Away in the yard

Applying new lettering to the bow

Looks great!

New bottom paint

Rich consults with Fernando, a Baja Naval supervisor

Travelift driver Rafael

Ramon - our favorite fiberglass guy