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Photos:  Panama Canal Transit, March 2007

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Two of us entering Admeasurer's office to start our canal transit paperwork.

Chris on the bow of Slip Away as we depart Balboa Yacht Club and approach the Bridge of Americas.

Iain & Aly checking out the breakfast food on Slip Away.

Iain & Pat helping our advisor Meza board Slip Away.

Carrie & Pat handled Slip Away's stern lines for the canal transit.

Iain & Aly enjoying a snack on the way to the first lock.

Our advisor Meza making arrangements by cell phone for the Miraflores Locks.

Approaching the Miraflores Locks.

Moving into position in the Miraflores Locks.

Tying up to the tour boat in the Miraflores Locks.

Pat on Terra Firma enjoyed photographing these pretty Panamanians on the tour boat.

Although we didn't need the chart plotter to navigate, it dutifully kept track of where we were.

Since we had no one tied to our starboard side while up-locking, Carrie had an easy job.

Jan is happy that the up-locking is going well.

Electric engines called "mules" help move the big freighters through the locks.

Up-locking in the Miraflores Locks and leaving the Pacific Ocean behind.

Prop wash from freighters can present a challenge for smaller boats, but we handled it with no problem.

Since we were transiting on a weekend, there were lots of spectators on the observation platforms at the Miraflores Locks.

Canal traffic between the Miraflores and Pedro Miguel Locks, with the Centenario Bridge in the background.

Turbulence during up-locking is caused by millions of gallons of water being forced upward into the chamber through holes in the floor of the lock.

The gates of Pedro Miguel locks open, as we finish up-locking.

Panamax ship (the largest the canal can currently accommodate) maneuvering through the Gaillard Cut.

With the up-locking process behind us, we relax a bit as we motor through the Gaillard Cut and across Gatun Lake.

Carrie from Terra Firma is caught in a "Loon Sandwich"

The Banana Cut - a Gatun Lake shortcut for smaller vessels.

Wildlife sighting - a sloth - as we pass through the Banana Cut.

Securing Slip Away to the mooring in Gatun Lake.

Rich pops the cork on our first bottle of champagne.

Does anyone want a little more champagne? Service with a smile!

Iain & Aly enjoying some bubbly.

Carrie & Pat also enjoying some bubbly.

Rich and Pat looking a bit fuzzy after spending the night in Gatun Lake.

Boat moored for the night in Gatun Lake.

Our mooring mates who showed up at about midnight.

Freighter traffic in Gatun Lake waiting to down-lock in the Gatun Locks.

Our adivsor Guillermo arrives for down-locking.

Rich driving and Guillermo advising as we move toward the Gatun Locks.

The ship with which we will share the lock while down-locking.

Tug assisting our lock-mate with moving into position in the Gatun locks.

Canal personnel get ready throw a heaving line with a monkey fist, to which we will attach our lines.

The monkey fist - you don't want to get hit by this when they throw it.

Canal personnel walking our lines forward and into position.

Canal personnel securing Slip Away's lines for down-locking.

Pat gets a bit nervous as that big ship moves into the lock behind us.

First down-lock complete, the canal personnel move our lines forward to the next lock.

Carrie working Slip Away's port stern line.

Chris and Aly handling Slip Away's bow lines while down-locking.

Guillermo supervising the downlocking process.

The Caribbean looking pretty windy and gusty from inside the locks.

Final Gatun lock opening for our exit of the canal and entrance to a new ocean.

Our lock-mate following us out of the Canal, with a cruise ship in the locks behind him.

Slip Away has a new crack in her caprail due to an encounter with the pilot boat.

Rich pours more champagne to celebrate our successful transit of the Panama Canal.

Our line handlers - Iain, Aly, Chris, Pat & Carrie.

The whole crew (line handlers, captain and galley wench) celebrating with champagne.