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Photos:  El Salvador to Costa Rica, October to December, 2006

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Many thanks to Loon III, Terra Firma and Secret O'Life who shared photos with us.  Several of theirs are included here. 

Boatload of cruisers headed for Manuel's Restaurant on the Rio Lempe in El Salvador. (9/06)

Manuel's Restaurant on the Rio Lempe. (9/06)

The kitchen at Manuel's Restaurant. (9/06)

Sisters collecting lunch out of the fish traps. (9/06)

Fish and shrimp lunch at Manuel's Restaurant. (9/06)

Happy, well fed cruisers at Manuel's Restaurant. (9/06)

New docks on their way to be installed for the Bahia Del Sol fishing tournament. (9/06)

Terry (Secret O'Life), Pat (Terra Firma) and Ed (Kuay) making friends with the "Claro" girls. Poor Rich missed out on this opportunity. (11/06)

Jan's fishing buddies on "Show Time" - Ramiro, Hugo, Enrique and Mario. (11/06)

Crew Joel & Joel repairing Show Time's swim step. (11/06)

Rich's fishing tournament boat "Pitty." (11/06)

"Sandy-ita" (little Sandy) offloading a fish at the Bahia del Sol Hotel dock. (11/06)

Carrie (Terra Firma) and Bob (a visiting friend) playing bocce ball at Jan's (Quatum Leap) weekly Thursday night beach barbeque. (11/06)

Jan (Quantum Leap) serving chicken to Jim & Susy (Sparta). (11/06)

Our favorite taxi driver in El Salvador, Jose, and his wife Reyna. (11/06)

Terra Firma (Pat, Carrie & Bob) and Xenos (Julie & Slater) enjoying breakfast at the Mar y Sol Restaurant in El Salvador (11/06)

Teresa (left) and her mom fed us some good meals at the Mar y Sol Restaurant. (11/06)

Cruisers' Thanksgiving potluck at Murray & Colette's house. (11/06)

Rich hoisting the Costa Rica flag. (11/06)

Going for a hike in Bahia Santa Elena with our friends Iain & Aly (Loon III) and Carrie & Pat (Terra Firma). (11/06)

Hiking up at stream in Bahia Santa Elena. (11/06)

Taking a dip in a freshwater pool. (11/06)

Slip Away anchored with her friends Loon III and Terra Firma at Bahia Santa Elena. (11/06)

Carrie showing Rich a colony of hermit crabs that had taken up residence in a dead tree. (11/06)

Costa Rican fishing boat. (11/06)

Slip Away reefed down and sailing well in strong winds crossing the Gulf of Papagallo - a fun sail! (12/06)

Slip Away anchored as the sun sets over a tranquil Bahia Huevos. (12/06)

River trip in Bahia Huevos - beautiful scenery and lots of birds. (12/06)

Iain & Aly (Loon III) enjoying their river trip. (12/06)

Bird life on the river trip. (12/06)

Slip Away and Terra Firma sharing the ride on the river trip. (12/06)

Hot game of Dominoes on Jan's birthday. (12/06)

Cruiser dinner at Costa Rica Yacht Club in Puntarenas. (12/06)

Celebrating Steve's birthday on Last Resort. (12/06)

Good food at our Christmas potluck on Sol Surfin'. (12/06)

Cruising friends sharing a Christmas celebration. (12/06)

The birthday girl Carrie and hubby Pat (Terra Firma). (12/06)

Carrie's birthday party at a Chinese restaurant in Golfito. (12/06)

Terra Firma's purchases at the Duty-Free Zone in Golfito. (12/06)

Steve & Sue (Last Resort) and Marc (Paladin) celebrating New Year's Eve at Land & Sea in Golfito. (12/06)