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Photos:  Guatemala - San Pedro, Lake Atitlan
                June, 2006

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View of San Pedro Volcano from Panajachel

Angelina and Jan in class at San Pedro Spanish School.

The two of us with our Spanish teachers, Angelina (next to Jan) and Clara (next to Rich)

Rich and his girlfriend Angela, from whom he bought bread every day.

Rich gets some salsa lessons from our friend Jen.

Rain coming across Lake Atitlan.

Entrance to the hiking trail at San Pedro Volcano.

View of Lake Atitlan from San Pedro Volcano.

Rich on the trail at San Pedro Volcano.

Jan taking a rest on the steps climbing San Pedro Volcano.

Our turnaround point about 20 minutes from the top of San Pedro Volcano.

Clouds rolling in as we descend San Pedro Volcano.

Sunday market at Chichicastenango.

Chickens for sale in the Chichicastenango market.

Santo Tomas church in Chichicastenango, where the rituals are only slightly Catholic and more distinctly Mayan.

Beautiful hand-woven textiles for sale in Chichicastenango.

Parade in San Pedro celebrating the feast of Saint Peter.

The brother of Rich's instructor Clara playing the drum in the parade.

A couple of the parade senoritas.

Local men watching the parade. The guys on the ends are wearing traditional Mayan clothing.

Kids enjoying the trampoline at the San Pedro Fair.

Ice cream for sale at the fair.

Our friends Pat & Carrie (s.v. Terra Firma) arrive in San Pedro and share some of their traveling stories.

Nariz del Indio, a great place for a hike.

Views of Lake Atitlan from Nariz del Indio.

Group of Spanish students who hiked Nariz del Indio.

The two of us at Nariz del Indio.

An additional form of transportation - these little pickups can hold a lot of people when everyone is standing up.

The Mendez Family - from left, Antonio, Cesilia, their niece from next door, MariElena, Vicenta (their helper) and Ruth.

Sisters - MariElena (age 7) and Ruth (age 11).