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Photos:  San Cristobal and Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico
                April 25 - May 2, 2006

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Torre del Carmen tower was once San Cristobal's gateway.

Andador, or pedestrian street, in San Cristobal.

A not-too-unusual example of Mexican electrial wiring.

Entrance to San Cristobal's Amber Museum.

Amber on display in the museum.

San Cristobal's cathedral, begun in 1528, but completely rebuilt in 1693.

Santo Domingo Church (built 1547-60) is said to be one of San Cristobal's most beautiful, but it was getting a facelift during our visit.

Daily crafts market around Santo Domingo.

San Cristobal's Mercado Municipal.

Beans for sale in the municipal mercado.

Rich and our guide Pepe in the inner courtyard of Na Bolom.

Inner courtyard at Na Bolom.

Library at Na Bolom.

Greenhouses in the Zinacantan Valley.

Flowers growing in the Zinacantan greenhouses.

Rich and Pepe at the sacred rock where the Mayans pray for rain. The crosses are not Christian, but represent the sun, moon and earth.

Mayan weaver in Zinacantan.

Pepe's friends in Zinacantan make us a tortilla snack.

Marketplace and church in San Juan Chamula.

Young Mayan girls in San Juan Chamula.

Mayan woman in traditional dress in San Juan Chamula.

Sumidero Canyon.

Sumidero Canyon.

Sumidero Canyon.

Highest peak at Sumidero Canyon rises to 1000 meters (3300 feet).

Shrine to the Virgin Guadalupe in a cave along the Sumidero Canyon river.

Crocodile in Sumidero Canyon.

Misol-Ha waterfall outside Palenque. (Some scenes from the movie Predator were shot here.)

Behind the falls at Misol-Ha.

The two of us at Misol-Ha.

The beautiful blue waters of the Rio Shumulha at Agua Clara.

Local kids enjoying a swim at Agua Clara.

Agua Clara.

Waterfalls at Agua Azul.

Rich at Agua Azul.

The two of us after a swim at Agua Azul.

Swimming area at Agua Azul. We took our swim in a less-crowded place further up river.

Mayan Indian ruins at Palenque.

Palace of the Sun at Palenque.

Palenque ruins. Beneath the jungle-clad hill in the background archeologists believe there is another unexcavated temple.

Palace courtyard at Palenque ruins.

Bedroom at Palenque.

Our guide, Jose, shows us the toilet facilities. He demonstrated how they used it, but I wasn't quick enough with the camera to catch that shot!

Mural of King Pakal's coronation at Palenque.

Murals in the palace courtyard. Look closely at the figure on the right, and you'll see cuts in his penis. That's a ritual they performed here. Ouch!