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Photos:  Oaxaca City (March 22-26, 2006)

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Oaxaca Cathedral.

Etched Glass Doors in Oaxaca Cathedral.

Gazebo at Oaxaca Zocalo (town square).

Shady places to hang out at Zocalo.

Mural depicting famous Oaxacans and Oaxacan history in Municipal Palace.

Flower vendor in Benito Juarez Market.

Pepper Vendor in 20th of November Market.

Mixing chocolate flavors at the Mayordomo chocolate shop.

Macedonio Alcala, a French-style theater built in 1903.

Ex-Convent of Santa Catalina / Now the Camino Real Hotel.

At the Pasion Bar - Bill & Linda from Creola, Rene (our waiter), and the two of us.

Symphony music at the Zocalo.

Santo Domingo Church, adjacent to the Museum of Oaxacan Cultures.

Library at Museum of Oaxacan Cultures - it houses more than 20,000 books ranging from the 14th century to the present.

Ceiling in entryway to Museum of Oaxacan Cultures. The building was built and functioned as a Dominican Convent from 1608-1857.

Botanical Gardens at Museum of Oaxacan Cultures.

Skull with turquoise incrustations found in a tomb at the Zapotec Indian ruins of Monte Alban.

Zapotec Indian ruins at Monte Alban.

Our guide, Jorge, at the Monte Alban ruins.

Monte Alban ruins with storm clouds gathering.

Linda & Bill from Creola and the two of us at Monte Alban ruins.

Seeking shelter from rain while waiting for the bus back to Oaxaca City from Monte Alban.

Immigration exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Rich with world's oldest tree at El Tule.

Yarn spinning demonstration at Teotitlan weaver.

Natural dyes used by Teotitlan weavers.

Teotitlan weaver at work.

Beautiful rugs for sale in Teotitlan.

Zapotec Indian ruins at Mitla.

Mosaics at Mitla.

San Pablo Church built by the Spanish in 1590 on top of Indian ruins.

Mezcal distillery.

Bill & Linda, our guide Rosario and Rich at Mezcal tasting bar.

View of Zapotec ruins at Yagul from the Fortress, a huge rock that towers above the ruins.

Zapotec Indian ruins at Yagul - less restored than others.

Sunday market at Tlacolula.

Veggies for sale at Tlacolula's Sunday market.

Street musicians in Oaxaca.

Entertainment at the Zocalo.

Kids dressed up for show at the Zocalo.