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Photos:  Mexico to El Salvador, November 2005 to May 2006

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New bottom paint for Slip Away in La Paz. (11/05)

Jan with Joan & Doug (s.v. Charlotte Ann) at Pichilingue Beach in La Paz. (11/05)

Rich catches Thanksgiving dinner while underway from La Paz to Mazatlan. (11/05)

Jan celebrates another birthday on Kay II. (12/05)

Dinner with friends from Mutineer V, Storm Haven and Kalinga at Machado Square in Mazatlan. (12/05)

Mazatlan cathedral and holiday decorations. (12/05)

Bartenders Steve (Mutineer V) and George (Kalinga) on Christmas Day. (12/05)

Friends Don & Paulie (Storm Haven), Steve & Carolyn (Mutineer V) and George & JoAnn (Kalinga) on Christmas Day. (12/05)

Christmas Dinner with Bob and Kay (Kay II) with their daughter Charlene, son-in-law Chris and granddaughter Chayne. (12/05)

Rich working on the wind generator installation in Mazatlan. (12/05)

The shrimp ladies in Mazatlan. (12/05)

View of Mazatlan and harbor. (12/05)

Mazatlan mercado. (12/05)

Mazatlan mercado - why do these pigs have smiles on their faces? (12/05)

Rich showing Erik the fine art of cleaning fish in Chamela. (1/06)

Frigate bird males showing off for the females on Isla Pasavera in Chamela. (1/06)

Boobie bird nests on Isla Pasavera in Chamela. (1/06)

Young boobies on Isla Pasavera. (1/06)

Big boobies ... er, I mean Rich & Erik on Isla Pasavera. (1/06)

Erik photographing a crab on Isla Pasavera. (1/06)

Slip Away anchored in Chamela. 1/06)

Church in Barra de Navidad. The story goes that Jesus' arms fell down during a hurricane, but when they fell, the hurricane stopped. (1/06)

Rich and Erik on jungle cruise in Tenacatita. (1/06)

A competitive game of Dominoes - a good way to spend the evening. (1/06)

The two of us at the French Bakery, Rich's favorite spot in Barra de Navidad. The baker is French and the pastries are authentic. Yum! (1/06)

Slip Away sailing in 5 knots of wind from Ensenada Carrizal to Bahia Santiago. (1/06)

Our view of Kalinga as they passed us by on their way to Bahia Santiago. (1/06)

Palma Real Restaurant at Bahia Santiago. (1/06)

Lunch at Palma Real Restaurant with Steve & Sue (Sea Fire) and Don & Marie (Freezing Rain). (1/06)

Jan helps trim Marie's (Freezing Rain) hair on the beach at Santiago. (1/06)

Hollywood & Vine in Santiago. (1/06)

Hollywood & Vine in Santiago, also known as the six-peso beer place (that's 60 cents). A crowd gathered here every day. (1/06)

Jane & David (Dream On) won "best chili" at Zihuatanejo's SailFest Chili Cookoff. (2/06)

Dianna & Bob (White Swan) won best dressed at the SailFest Chili Cookoff. (2/06)

Paul & Debi (Serenity) enjoying some of the chili at the SailFest Chili Cookoff. (2/06)

Boats anchored in Zihuatanejo Bay for SailFest. (2/06)

Slip Away "dressed" for the Zihua SailFest Boat Parade. (2/06)

Boats lining up for SailFest boat parade. (2/06)

Guests David & Elana on Slip Away for the SailFest Boat Parade. Lucky us - They brought a delicious lunch! (2/06)

Luncheon in Zihua for Seven Seas Cruising Association members and prospects. (2/06)

Margaritas on Slip Away with Don & Marie (Freezing Rain), the Margarita Maestros. (2/06)

Friday night jam session at Rick's Bar in Zihuatanejo. (3/06)

Our favorite bartender, Memo, at Rick's Bar in Zihuatanejo. (3/06)

Joe & Cindy (Maggie Drum) with their "Puddle Jump" t-shirt, anticipating their upcoming passage to the South Pacific. (3/06)

Linda & Kim (Endeavor) enjoying Rick's bar and their favorite town of Zihuatanejo. (3/06)

Cruisers kept the Zihua burger and hot dog vendor busy. (3/06)

Slip Away anchored at Papanoa - a quite spot after leaving Zihuatanejo. (3/06)

The Mezcal tasting bar in La Crucesita (Huatulco). (3/06)

Gary & Celeste (Sol Surfin'), Susan & Dennis (Two Can Play) & Rich enjoying some tastes of Mezcal. (3/06)

Slip Away anchored at Rescalillo, one of the Bays of Huatulco. (3/06)

Slip Away moving to make room for the cruise ships in Huatulco. (4/06)

Our friends at the cafe where we enjoyed good coffee and wireless internet. (4/06)

Como Quieras, a boat we towed into the marina with our dinghy when they couldn't get their engine started. (4/06)

Gifts from Como Quieras after we towed them. (4/06)

Bahia Conejo in Huatulco. (4/06)

The former Club Med Huatulco, now Las Brisas Resort, in Tangolunda Bay. (4/06)

Rich ready to go scuba diving, our favorite pastime in Huatulco. (4/06)

Our last night out in Huatulco. We left for El Salvador a couple of days later, buddy-boating with Scott & Ryan (the 2 young guys) on Aventura. (5/06)

Tuna caught off the coast of Puerto Madero as we are leaving Mexico. (5/06)

Rich takes down the Mexican flag as we leave after spending almost 3 years in Mexico. (5/06)

Rich preparing to raise the El Salvadoran and yellow "quarantine" flag which we fly prior to clearing immigration and/or customs. (5/06)

Bar pilots Murray (Tarazed) and Jim (Sparta) coming out to help us cross the sand bar into Bahia del Sol, El Salvador. (5/06)

Slip Away moving into position to cross the bar. (5/06)

Slip Away surfing a wave while crossing the bar at Bahia del Sol. (5/06)

Slip Away safely across the bar but still in the midst of some breaking waves. (5/06)

Greetings from Collette (Tarazed) and Susy (Sparta) as they direct us into the estero at Bahia del Sol. (5/06)

Bill and Linda (Creola) host a welcome dinner for us when we arrive in Bahia del Sol. (5/06)

Boris (Entelecheia) and Pat & Carrie (Terra Firma) join the welcome party on Creola. (5/06)

Sailing vessel Xenos at anchor in Bahia del Sol with Volcan Chinchontepec (Mountain of Two Breasts) in background. (5/06)

Anchorage at Bahia del Sol. (5/06)