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Photos:  Copper Canyon (December 8-15, 2005)

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El Fuerte Municipal Palace.

Scenery along the Copper Canyon Railway.

More scenery along the Copper Canyon Railway.

Tarahumara Indians selling baskets at train stop.

Tarahumara weaving basket at Divisidero.

Two of us at Divisidero train stop.

View of canyon from Divisidero train stop.

Another view of canyon from Divisidero train stop.

Horseback ride in Tararecua Canyon.

Two of us on the rim of the Tararecua Canyon.

Rukiraso Waterfall.

Recently "restored" petroglyphs.

Canyon view from the petroglyphs.

Jan with our tour guide Manuel Bustillos.

Mushroom rocks in San Ignacio.

Tarahumara cave dwelling.

Inside the Tarahumara cave.

Elephant rock.

Cusarare Falls.

Jan at the Cusarare Falls.

Cusarare Valley.

Gathering at celebration of Virgin Guadalupe in the small town ("pueblita") of Cusarare.

Traditional Tarahumara ceremonial dance in Cusarare.

Lake Arareco.

Restaurant Veronica - our favorite in Creel.

Tio Molcas - a bar on Mexican time.

The twisting and turning road to Batopilas.

Scenery on the way to Batopilas.

Canyon view from La Bufa, on the way to Batopilas.

Rich enjoys the canyon view from La Bufa.

More views from La Bufa.

Views from the bottom in Batopilas.

Lost Cathedral, built in the 1700's.

Lost Cathedral.

Shrine to Virgin Guadalupe inside the Lost Cathedral.

House built along side the Batopilas River.

Rich at the Batopilas River.

Donkeys along the river in Batopilas.

Goats wandering freely around Batopilas. We also saw cows and pigs.

Hotel Juanita in Batopilas - very nice!