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Photos:    Sea of Cortez (June to October 2005)

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Hiking on Isla Partida (6/05)

Jan & Joan (s.v. Charlotte Ann) enjoy the view of El Cardonel Bay from cave entrance. (6/05)

Isla San Francisco (6/05)

Jan hiking on Isla San Francisco (6/05)

Salt Ponds at Isla San Francisco (6/05)

Jan with Doug & Joan (s.v. Charlotte Ann) after dinner on Slip Away (6/05)

Fish feeding frenzy when we drop bread in the water at Isla San Francisco (7/05)

Landscape at San Evaristo reminds us of the Grand Canyon (7/05)

The two of us on San Evaristo hike (7/05)

Beautiful pink sandstone at Los Gatos anchorage (7/05)

Cruiser potluck at Agua Verde (7/05)

Goats at Agua Verde (7/05)

Maria's tienda (the local grocery store) at Agua Verde (7/05)

Maria tallies up our tab for fresh veggies at Agua Verde (7/05)

Yellowstone Beach at the north end of Isla Monserat (7/05)

Slip Away arrives at Candelero Chico, one of our favorite anchorages (7/05)

Slip Away anchored at Candelero Chico (7/05)

Rich with mushroom rock at Candelero Chico (7/05)

Linda & Bill (s.v. Creola) taught us how to find chocolate clams (7/05)

Rich cleaning one of the giant free-swimming scallops we found on a dive - delicious! (7/05)

Kathy & Jerry (s.v. Po Oino Roa) and Dennis & Susan (s.v. Two Can Play) gathering wedgie clams at Islas Coronados (7/05)

Cleaning the steamed wedgie clams before putting them in pasta sauce (7/05)

San Juanico anchorage (7/05)

The former Club Med Sonora Bay (now Club Paradiso) in San Carlos, Mexico. Jan taught waterski and sailing here in 1987. (7/05)

Spearfishing catch in San Carlos (7/05)

Rich instructing Andrew on fish cleaning techniques (8/05)

Andrew lands at skipjack while underway. (8/05)

Andrew cleaning scallops at Las Cocinas Bay (8/05)

Pretty clouds at Las Cocinas Bay (8/05)

Jan enjoying some downtime with a good book (8/05)

Sunset at San Pedro Bay (8/05)

Rich & Andrew overlooking Marina Real in San Carlos (8/05)

Rich, Jan & Andrew in San Carlos (8/05)

Guaymas fishing fleet (8/05)

Mt. Algodones in San Carlos (8/05)

Tetas de Cabra (goat teats mountain) in San Carlos (8/05)

Cruisers at Puerto Don Juan in Bahia de Los Angeles celebrate the demise of Hurricane Otis (10/05)

The guys in charge of the barbeque at the Post-Otis potluck. (10/05)

Puerto Don Juan anchorage - almost completely surrounded by land - is one of the best places to hide from hurricanes in the Sea of Cortez (10/05)

Hamburger night with John & Linda (Nakia), Lance & Jo (Milagro) and Stan & M.J. (Sol Mate) (10/05)

Small, but outstanding, marine museum in Bahia de Los Angeles (10/05)

Slip Away anchored between Islas Pata & Bota on a very windy day (10/05)

Sea Lions at Isla Calaveras in Bahia de Los Angeles (10/05)

Baby octopus that was hiding in one of our clam shells (10/05)

Bob & Kay (s.v. Kay II) on hike to Ensenada Quemado (10/05)

Rainbow at Puerto Don Juan (10/05)

Slip Away sailing under spinnaker (10/05)

Enjoying the spinnaker run with the auto pilot driving (10/05)

Slip Away moves in position to tow Kay II when their engine fresh water pump failed. (10/05)

Kay II under tow by Slip Away (10/05)

Former offices of French mining company - now a museum - in Santa Rosalia (10/05)

Train engine from defunct mining operations in Santa Rosalia (10/05)

Remains of copper mining operations in Santa Rosalia (10/05)

Church in Santa Rosalia designed by Eiffel (10/05)

View of Bahia Concepcion (10/05)

And, just a few photos from our trip back to the U.S. (8/15-9/15):

Rich with new friends Dustin & Keegan Helton in Phoenix (8/05)

The two of us at the WWII Memorial in Washington, DC (8/05)

Rich's sister Kathleen and her family (the Donohue's) at the Iwa Jima Memorial in Washington, DC (8/05)

Jan with friends Janet and Chris at their home in Falls Church, VA (8/05)

Jan stomping grapes in Jacksonville with Kim, Brittany and Chad (Rich's brother Ron's family) (8/05)

Susie and Kyle in a serious game of Corn Toss at the Schwab Family river camp in Warsaw, KY (9/05)

Jeff, Judy and Fred ensuring the beef is done perfectly (9/05)

Ethan, Judy and Taylor going for a swim in the Ohio River (9/05)

Jan enjoying an opportunity to waterski again (9/05)