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Photos:    Zihuatanejo Sailfest and Schools, 2005

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2005 Zihua Sailfest Team (Rich is MIA) (2/05)

Jim Corenman provides seminar on using Winlink radio e-mail program (2/05)

Experienced Sea of Cortez cruisers share tips and war stories (2/05)

Sailfest kickoff party at Rick's Bar (2/05)

Cruisers arrive at Madera Beach for games day (2/05)

Local kids build sandcastles at Madera Beach (2/05)

"Survivor" Teams get ready for competition (2/05)

The coconut roll competition in the "Survivor" games (2/05)

The Mermaid Team wins the "Survivor" competition (2/05)

Racing sailboats fly their spinnakers (2/05)

Close call between Arabella and Airpower in the race (2/05)

Chili cookoff and street fair (2/05)

Jan serves up her chicken chili at the chili cookoff (2/05)

Mariachi entertainment at the street fair (2/05)

Competitors Amy (from Pegasus) and Kate (from Carmelita) in the dinghy poker chase (2/05)

Sail parade on final day of Sailfest (2/05)

Slip Away's guests for the sail parade (2/05)

Wrap-up barbeque at Playa Madera (2/05)

Local kids perform traditional Indian dance (2/05)

No Mexican party is complete without a pinata (2/05)

Kids dive for goodies from broken pinata (2/05)

Jimmy Mamu (owner of a local blues club) provides entertainment at the wrap-up barbeque (2/05)

Sailfest Chairman Tom (Misty Sea), surrounded by benefactors Dick & Gloria Bellack (left) and Bill Underwood (right) (2/05)

Netzahualcoyotl School plaque thanking Rotary Club Int'l, Bellack & Underwood Families, Sailors, Friends and the Community (2/05)

Netzahualcoyotl (or "Netza") School, which has been the primary beneficiary of Sailfest funds (2/05)

Netza kindergarten, which will be upgraded with future Sailfest funds (2/05)

Netza kindergarteners (2/05)

Netza primary school classroom (2/05)

Cruisers at work painting Netza classroom (2/05)

Amy (from Pegasus) uses her experience painting boats to help paint the classroom (2/05)

Rich and Brian (from Shibui) repair bookcases at the Netza School (2/05)

Nueva Creacion School, which just this year was added as a beneficiary of Sailfest funds. (2/05)

Nueva Creacion classroom - pretty primitive conditions, but the kids seem to be learning (2/05)

Nueva Creacion students hamming it up. They loved seeing their picture on our digital camera. (2/05)

Jan makes some new friends at the Nueva Creacion School (2/05)

Precious student - no shoes, but a cool backpack (2/05)

Painting desks at Nueva Creacion School (2/05)

Getting the kids involved in the desk project at Nueva Creacion School (2/05)

Another student helper at Nueva Creacion School (2/05)