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Photos:      January to March 2005
                     Mexican Riviera to La Paz

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Enjoying evening cocktails on the front deck (1/05)

Sailing back to Zihua Bay from Isla Grande/Ixtapa (1/05)

Dolphins were frequent visitors but hard to catch on film. (1/05)

Erik and Rich in Zihuatanejo (1/05)

Playa La Ropa in Zihuatanejo (1/05)

La Ropa Anchorage in Zihuatanejo Bay (1/05)

Zihuatanejo Sunset (1/05)

Pool party at the home of Rick and Heike Carpenter (owners of Rick's Bar) (1/05)

Jean, Heike and Rick of Rick's Bar (1/05)

Sunday night at the Zihuatanejo zocalo (town square) (1/05)

Rich and Erik enjoying some local food at the zocalo (1/05)

Mercado in Zihuatanejo (1/05)

Fish market in Zihuatanejo (1/05)

Fonda Irma, one of our favorite lunch spots, in Zihua mercado (1/05)

Baby turtles at Playa Las Gatas in Zihuatanejo (1/05)

Rich checks out the baby turtles (1/05)

Hiking friends - Sam & Sally (Moana), Debbie & Dave (Megabyte) and Rich (1/05)

Sally helps keep us cool with her misting bottle (1/05)

Dinghy valets Nate and Christina on Municipal Beach in Zihua (1/05)

Sailfish catch (we released him) on our way from Zihua to Manzanillo (2/05)

Gringos piled into a Mexican pickup truck for a day at Playa del Oro, Manzanillo (2/05)

Seeking shelter from the sun under the only palapa on Playa del Oro (2/05)

Beautiful and remote, Playa del Oro beach (2/05)

Our little friend Christina helps us find some nice shells at Playa del Oro (2/05)

More beautiful views of Playa del Oro (2/05)

Our friends who took us to Playa del Oro - Victor and his daughter Christina (2/05)

Manzanillo town square (2/05)

Rich & Jan with Dave & Debbie (Megabyte) enjoying lunch in Manzanillo (2/05)

Rich talking with a Mexican cowboy (2/05)

Our hosts for lunch cooked and served us a great meal in Manzanillo (2/05)

Friends hiking to Tenacatita Beach (3/05)

Bougainvillea in Tenacatita (3/05)

View of Chamela Bay from Isla Passavera (3/05)

Boobie Bird on Isla Passavera in Chamela Bay (3/05)

Sophie (from Kay II) comes for a visit on Slip Away (3/05)

A true boat cat, Sophie appears to be ready for snorkeling (3/05)

Sophie finds herself a comfortable spot while underway from Chamela to Puerto Vallarta (3/05)

"Tacos in the Street" in La Cruz with friends from Gunner II, Pangea and Momo (3/05)

Our youngest cruiser Jana (born in Ensenada), with Dad & Mom, Bernie & Michelle (on Momo) (3/05)

Puerto Vallarta Beach during Semana Santa (Easter Week) (3/05)

Puerto Vallarta boardwalk (malecon) (3/05)

Puerto Vallarta Fisherman (3/05)

Downtown Puerto Vallarta (3/05)

Rio (river) Cuale in Puerto Vallarta (3/05)

Elizabeth Taylor's house in Puerto Vallarta (3/05)

Puerto Vallarta hillside dotted with homes (3/05)

Nesting frigate birds on Isla Isabela, as well as lots in the air (3/05)

We could get incredibly close to the nesting birds (3/05)

Baby frigate bird at Isla Isabela (3/05)

Another baby frigate (3/05)

The two of us on our hike on Isla Isabela (3/05)

Iguanas on Isla Isabela (3/05)

Slip Away at anchor near pinnacles at Isla Isabela (3/05)

Blue-footed boobies at Isla Isabela (3/05)

Nesting boobie (3/05)

Yellow-footed boobie at Isla Isabela (3/05)

Safely navigating the San Lorenzo Channel on our way to La Paz (3/05)

Slip Away at anchor in Caleta Lobos near La Paz (3/05)

Jan checking out the desert wildflowers at Caleta Lobos (3/05)