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Photos:      November and December 2004
                    Baja California to Zihutanejo, Mexico

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Tao Min at anchor in San Quintin (11/04)

Fishing Camp at Islas San Benitos (11/04)

Church at Islas San Benitos fish camp (11/04)

Bob & Kay (Kay II) and Rich hiking on Islas San Benitos (11/04)

Lighthouse at Islas San Benitos (11/04)

Anchorage at Islas San Benitos (11/04)

Ramon inviting Slip Away and Kay II to lobster dinner at the fish camp (11/04)

The gathering place for dinner, with lobster drying on the line (11/04)

Martin cooking an outstanding lobster dinner for us (11/04)

Our hosts - Martin, Ramon and Ramon (11/04)

Curious baby sea lions checking us at Islas San Benitos (11/04)

Baby sea lions showing off for us at Islas San Benitos (11/04)

Elephant seal colony at Islas San Benitos (11/04)

Rich reeling in a fish on our way to Turtle Bay (11/04)

Great catch - yellowtail (11/04)

Bob & Rich cleaning fish in Turtle Bay. They quickly attracted an audience of hungry pelicans. (11/04)

Our buddy boat, Kay II, underway (11/04)

Slip Away sailing nicely (11/04)

Jan decides to try her hand at reeling in a catch (11/04)

Tuna! (11/04)

Bahia Asuncion- Shari & Juan's casita. Shari (a Canadian) heard us on the radio as we approached, called us and offered to show us around town (11/04)

Church in Asuncion (11/04)

Stained glass windows in Asuncion church. Check out the lobster and crab on the top part of the window. (11/04)

Thanksgiving potluck in Bahia Santa Maria. About 16 boats participated (a good number of them Canadian). (11/04)

Full moon at Bahia Santa Maria (11/04)

Rich and Bob on hike at Bahia Santa Maria (11/04)

Jan & Rich on hike at Bahia Santa Maria (11/04)

Jan at Sand Dollar Beach (Bahia Santa Maria). We found sand dollars 4 1/2 inches in diameter. (11/04)

Kay II approaching Cabo San Lucas. (11/04)

Arches at Cabo San Lucas (11/04)

Celebrating Jan's birthday on Kay II. Bob baked the cake. (12/04)

Market Day in La Cruz (Puerto Vallarta) (12/04)

Jan, Rich & Kay at La Cruz market. (12/04)

Jan enjoying sunset at La Cruz (and her snowflake Christmas decoration) as she makes dinner. (12/04)

"Tacos in the Street" in La Cruz with Mike & Julie (Slacker) and Bob & Kay (Kay II) (12/04)

Reunited with our friends Allen & Kathy, and baby Morgan. (We were neighbors in Ensenada for 6 months before they moved to Puerto Vallarta) (12/04)

Friday night happy hour in Bahia Tenacatita (12/04)

The jungle river cruise in Tenacatita. This area was used as a set for the McHale's Navy movie made in 1997. (12/04)

Jan on the jungle river cruise in Tenacatita. It's finally bathing suit weather! (12/04)

Rich steers the dinghy on the jungle river cruise (12/04)

Rich at Tenacatita Beach (at the end of the jungle river cruise). (12/04)

Slip Away sailing under spinnaker on our way to Zihuatanejo (12/04)

Rich lands a big dorado (mahi mahi) just before arriving in Zihuatanejo (12/04)

Lots of great dorado (mahi mahi) filets (12/04)

Christmas decorations on Amiga. (12/04)

Christmas cookies (and Rich's Lipitor) on Slip Away (12/04)

Fishing on Amiga on Christmas Day. Unfortunately, no catches that day. (12/04)

Rich rides on bow of Amiga as we enter Zihuatanejo Bay (12/04)

Bob carves the Christmas turkey (12/04)

Christmas dinner with Janey, Bob & Chris on Amiga (12/04)